Published Articles

Published Articles about the Drug Dealer Liability Act:

Diana Digges, "Accountability in the Underworld: South Dakota's New Civil Liability Law for Drug Dealers Results in $268 Million Verdict. But is it Collectable?", Lawyers Weekly USA, Jan. 2001.

Diana Digges, "A Tool in the War on Drugs Little Used by Attorneys" (click on the above article and scroll down; article follows the above article at: ).

Mark Hansen, Just Say "See You in Court": Drug Users Can Seek Dealers' Cash Under New Liability Laws, A.B.A. J., Dec. 1996, at 30.

Donald C. Dilworth, States Impose Liability on Drug Dealers, TRIAL, Mar. 1996, at 82, 83.

Nancy Armour, Plan Would Allow Drug Dealers to Be Sued: Attorney General Candidate Stresses Accountability, THE COURIER-JOURNAL (Louisville, Kentucky), Aug. 20, 1996, at B1.

Wayne Ortman (AP), AP Online, April 20, 2000, "S.Dakota Jury Awards $268.7M in Case." ( Sioux Falls, S.D. (A jury awarded $268.7 million in the first test of a state law allowing drug dealers to be held liable for damages.)

The Pantagraph Bloomington, IL, Nov. 1, 2000, Editorial (click to see article): “Suing drug dealers looks like good idea, but can it work?” ( If it can provide an avenue for victims… to make drug traffickers pay for the problems they cause, it is worth trying. By enacting the law, at least it will be on the books when the right case comes along to put the measure to best use.)

Ralph R. Reiland , The Washington Times, Nov. 21, 1999; Commentary: “Stretch of the litigious list” (Describing the Drug Dealer Liability Bill in the Pennsylvania legislature.)

Dan Bent, Illinois Drug Education Alliance, Winter 1993, The Drug Dealer Liability Act.

Jean Hill , Sunday, Aug. 29, 1999, “There Are Criminal and Civil Penalties for Making Drugs.” (Describing the applicability of various drug laws in Utah including the Utah Drug Dealer Liability Act.)

The Gazette (Colorado), May 9, 1999 “What El Paso And Teller County Lawmakers Did In 1999 Legislature” (Colo. Sen. Epps… biggest accomplishment might have been the [Model] Drug DealerLiability Act, to allow individuals to bring civil suit against a drug dealer for problems caused by illegal drugs.)

Genevieve Anton, The Gazette, April 15, 1999, “Bill attacks drug dealers' possessions” (Drug dealers could be forced to pay for the damage they inflict on Colorado communities.)

Rocky Mountain News, Feb. 5, 1999, “Hot Topic Bill Would Allow Drug Dealer Suits Legislature '99.”

Daniel Bent and Sarah Gohl , Federal Lawyer, May, 1998, “Products Liability For Illegal Drugs." (click to see article)

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