The Model Drug Dealer Liability Act Homepage:

Welcome to the Model Drug Dealer Liability Act (DDLA) website. The DDLA provides a means for parents and others to obtain monetary damages from drug dealers for the injuries caused by drugs to their families and communities. The Model DDLA has now has been adopted by seventeen (17) state legislatures throughout the United States. Under its "market liability" provisions the DDLA provides for civil liability for any drug dealer in a community for the injuries to others by drug users of the same type of drug, during the time period the dealer was dealing in the same community. Under "market liability" a plaintiff need not prove that the particular defendant drug dealer was in the "chain of distribution" to the user that caused the injuries. The Act is Model legislation of the American Legislative Exchange Council which is a bi-partisan organization of over 2,500 legislatures throughout the country.

The Model Act was drafted by Daniel Bent with the help of Assistant U.S. Attorney Sharon Burnham and the input of scores of other experienced attorneys. Mr. Bent has twenty-five years experience as a trial lawyer. He was appointed by President Reagan and confirmed by the Senate as a United States Attorney, a position in which he served for 10 years. As a federal prosecutor he tried drug kingpin, drug dealer tax/ money laundering, major fraud, organized crime and other significant cases. He also has years of civil litigation experience. In drafting the Model Act, it was "vetted" by numerous other attorneys, including a distinguished civil rights expert who is now an appellate judge, as well as other experts in economics, commerce, and the illegal drug market itself. This extensive drafting process was to insure that the Model Act provides a lawyer representing a victim of someone's drug use a statutory "superhighway" on which to guide his or her case to a significant verdict against any drug dealer. To have an understanding of how well the carefully constructed text of the Model Act accomplished this task, please read the attached web pages and in particular the law review articles that discuss the Model Act and explain how it can be used and defended against attack during litigation.

The website is dedicated to all drug babies whose suffering is an American tragedy, to all families who have lost their children to illegal drugs and to all those who have suffered as a result of the consequences of illegal drugs being distributed by drug dealers in America.

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