DDLA Judgments

Actual Cases and Judgments Brought Under the Drug Dealer Liability Act:

The following cases are known to have been brought under the Drug Dealer Liability Act. There may be others. The Act is relatively new and not well known among victims of illegal drugs or the attorneys who may represent them. The Act is slowly becoming known by the shear power of its concept without the sponsorship of any government agency or foundation and without, as yet, seminars so those who are interested can learn about it to better implement it. As it becomes better known and understood inevitably more cases will be brought against drug dealers.

South Dakota (Muhs v. Johnson, No. 99-2870 (Cir. Ct., Minnehaha Co., S.D.)):
In April 2000 a jury returned a verdict under South Dakota’s Drug Dealer Liability Act in the amount of $268 Million in favor of a woman injured and whose husband was killed in a head-on collision with a driver under the influence of methamphetamine. The defendant was not the driver of the car but the dealer who supplied drugs to the driver.

Michigan (Ficano v. Clemens, No. 95-512918 (Mich. Cir. Ct. Wayne County 1995)):
The first lawsuit under the Act resulted in a judgment on July 21, 1995 of $8 million against two Detroit drug dealers in favor of a drug baby. One million of the judgment was in favor of the baby’s siblings and seven million in favor of the Wayne County (Detroit) Sheriff’s Office for its expenses in addressing drug activity in Detroit. The baby was not only born addicted to cocaine, but at age two was bludgeoned to death. Her drug using mother was charged with murdering the baby while high on drugs. The case was brought under the market liability provisions of the Drug Dealer Liability Act. The dealer defendants were dealer's in the mother's community.

A lawsuit under the Drug Dealer Liability Act resulted in a confidential settlement after the defendant lost his various challenges to the Drug Dealer Liability Act in pretrial rulings by the court. In the lawsuit a wife sued her husband’s cocaine dealer for the devastating impact that her husband’s drug addiction has had on her and her family.

Other Drug Dealer Liability Act Lawsuits:
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