For Legislators

For Legislators Interested in the Model Drug Dealer Liability Act:

Please advise us via the feedback form below if we can help you by answering any questions you may have about the Model Drug Dealer Liability Act. We have found that in a ten to twenty minute conversation, we can answer questions and explain the significance of the various provisions of the Model Act.

It is important that if you sponsor the Drug Dealer Liability Act that you begin with the Model Act as adopted by the American Legislative Exchange Council itself instead of merely cloning from another state's act as passed. As you know, each state has legislative styles and processes that tend to modify model legislation to fit the circumstances of that state. By starting with another state's Act as passed will make your Act a "clone of a clone". The provisions of the Model Act were carefully written to work together and provide an effective tool for use by lawyers for drug victims. Adopting a "clone of a clone" of an Act will tend to diminish the effectiveness of the Act when used as the basis of lawsuits against drug dealers in your state.

It is also important that the "Findings" in the Model Act be considered and adopted by a legislature. The findings are carefully drawn to set forth what can fairly be concluded about a community's illegal drug market. Most important, they are drafted to establish the rationale for imposing market liability and therefore able to be considered by a court if the Drug Dealer Liability Act is challenged during litigation.

See the Law Review Articles on the Drug Dealer Liability Act which explain and support the rationale of the various provisions of the Act. Click below for the citations to those articles.

See the Article Explaining Model DDLA Provisions.

Please contact us through the following form (make sure when finished to scroll down and click on "Submit") if we can answer questions and provide you with a better understanding of the Model Act and how its provisions work in practice.